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Recycle Bud x Fresh Start Healthy Meals

About Fresh Start Healthy Meals

Fresh Start Healthy Meals is a Minority Veteran-led Woman-Owned business dedicated to serving quality and nutritious meals to schools across California. They combine over 20 years of experience to offer schools a quality and affordable nutrition program with a personal touch. Fresh Start Healthy Meals, has proven that you can prepare a tasty meal without sacrificing nutrition, quality and appeal. After all, to any child, tase is definitely king. We provide freshly-cooked meals that are prepared and delivered daily.

About Recycle Bud

Recycle Bud is an online business dedicated to putting recycling, thrift, and swapping at your finger tips. Recycle Bud is focused on shifting everyday habits that revolve around sustainability making it convenient, easy and clean. Our online business allows you to request a mobile pickup of your recyclable CRV redeemable goods like: glass bottles, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. When requesting the pickup you have the option of donating them to a community member in need or requesting Recycle Bud to purchase them off your hands! We offer payments via digital wallets and cryptocurrency.

Partnership: Gardening Kits & Burlap Bags

Together both Fresh Start Healthy Meals and Recycle Bud recycled and repurposed 200 pinto bean cans and burlap bags. Since Fresh Start Healthy Meals is a high volume school food producer they use up a lot of resources to produce delicious meals everyday. One of those high volume items are pinto beans that come in a 1 gallon steel container. These containers are not accepted at most recycling centers because of the materials it is made of. And, since they normally throw away these cans, we decided to take 200 of the cans to clean and repurpose them as gardening kits.


Recycle Bud collected, washed, and filled 200 of these pinto bean cans and distributed them to different school sites across California. This 2020 project donated gardening kits to:

LA Arts High School

Alliance College Ready #8

Alliance Patti & Peter

Alliance Simon Tech

Alliance Leichtman-Levine

and more!

Our efforts to promote sustainability and recycling has just started. We are expanding our efforts and programs to help put systems in place to redirect “trash” for school sites and business alike. See how you can join in on reducing waste in our world.

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