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Fresh Start Healthy Meals x Recycle Bud

Fresh Start Healthy Meals & Recycle Bud have partnered in reducing waste in our landfills by recycling steel cans! Everyday Fresh Start prepares and delivers healthy and compliant meals to schools across California. This can once held beans and was suppose to end up in our landfills, however, with joint efforts we’ve been able to repurpose and reuse this can to offer free of charge for our community. Our goal is not only to help our planet by reducing waste, but to bring our families together through healthy food and gardening. Inside each can we’ve inserted a burlap bag (recycled from a local coffee shop) to be used for your recyclables goods, seeds for your home garden and/or you can use the steel can as a planter. You choose!

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Planter kit instructions

Before you begin, you will be required to have an adult present during this first step. Tools required are soil, a hammer and a standard nail or bigger.

Use the nail and hammer to place about 8-12 holes on the bottom of the can. This process is important for the soil and plant to drain out excess water. Above you will see how we placed the holes on our recycled planter kit.

Once we've added the holes on the bottom of our planter kit, it is now time to add soil and fill it about 2/3 full.

(You are able to purchase soil at your local hardware store or garden store).

Place the seeds onto the top of the soil, carefully placing them with distance apart. After you've placed the seeds add a small layer of soil on top, water, and leave outside for the sun to reach. Each seed packet has their own set of instructions, so it is important to read the instructions on the packet. Often times our planting kits are a great way to start a plant but will need to be transferred to a bigger planter holder.


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