Recyclables for Cash

Are you a professional or community member who collects or is looking to collect recyclables for cash?

Each lead will have a minimum of 3 bags per pick-up.

All paid memberships include:


You will be offered a fixed number of leads per month. These leads are people who sent in a request for a pick-up and have agreed to have 3 bags of recyclables ready. You keep 100% of cash made -- regardless of amount made.

member's area

Our member's area is a perfect place to connect with community members in your neighborhood. You will find groups to list fruits & vegetables, buy/sell/barter used goods, and find more lead opportunities.


Your membership means you're committed to our earth and environemnet. We want to show you our appreciation with a discount to our entire online store.


You will have access to our burlap bags to use for yourself or to exchange. Our exchange program allows you to exchange full bags of recyclables for empty ones. This ensures our efforts prevent additional plastic usage.

Your membership & participation help someone

in need & our environment.

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