Cleaning the Beach
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A for profit business committed to a sustainable future. 

Recycle Bud, LLC is a for profit business committed to creating creative solutions towards combating climate and social change. Our first idea began with connecting recyclables to the hands of those in need (in some states cans are redeemable for cash). This win-win idea was a solution that would not only reduce waste in our landfills but it would also serve as a way to have our neighbors save their cans for a greater cause - and with minimal effort. Often times we don't like to save cans and don't want to do the dirty work to recycle them, so we made this process even easier. Save your cans and text us!


Later, the founder was introduced to the idea of using burlap bags by a family member as a method of storing them to reduce plastic waste. Their collective reputation in the industry landed them their first collaboration with a coffee company in Alhambra, California. We receive used coffee bean burlap bags from them monthly. This collaboration allows us to reduce pounds of burlap from our landfills and added life to the burlap bags for everyone to use in place of plastic bags. To date, we have distributed over 100+ bags to individuals collecting cans for cash. We offer these bags free of charge (for local pick up) or shipped at $14.22 - our shipping delivery service vendor offers 100% carbon neutral delivery.

We want to be at a point where we offer a low cost monthly subscription service which offers beneficial services such as access to donated clothes of your choosing from our thrift store (coming soon), spring water shipped monthly (and eventually unlimited water) (coming soon), access to unlimited laundry washes (coming soon), and much more. But for now, we are happy with the services we offer and are proud to be a creative company which serves our earth and those in need.

Our company currently only services California, however, with production in place for our phone app we plan to become available anywhere in the United States. Our mission is to continue to reduce waste anywhere possible and we hope you will join us on our movement.