Reimagining how we see & deal with recyclables.

Trash on Beach

What are you doing to help the environment?

Recycle Bud LLC, is an online business founded in Los Angeles, California focused 100% on combating and creating solutions for climate change. Our platform changes the way we see and deal with recyclables and we can't wait for you to be apart of the movement! We currently only service California, however, we expect to expand by mid 2021. Subscribe to stay informed!

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First Step:

Become a Recycle Bud Member - it's free - and say yes to finally doing something about it!

All memberships are lifetime and free.

Second Step

Start saving your aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles.


Don't worry we offer free burlap bags, so you don't have to use plastic bags.
(Shipping not included)

Third Step

Send us a text when you've filled 3 bags or more and a professional or community member in need will be by for them.

Community members in need keep 100% cash earned from recycling your donated cans.


You made a difference in:

  1. Preserving wild life & nature.

  2. Saving energy.

  3. Reducing waste in our landfills.

  4. Preserving natural resources.

  5. Reducing plastic usage with our burlap bags.

  6. Helped someone in need.



Connect With Your Community

Homegrown Project

Many people have their very own lemon tree, orange tree, lime tree, or home garden and have so much excess food. We've made a group for you to list your excess homegrown goods for free, sale, or bartering to prevent food waste.

Clothing Store

Recycle Bud Thrift Store

We are changing the game around the way we deal with old clothes. When you donate your old clothes to us we offer them at a super low rate or free with our subscription deal coming soon. Clothes & water every month at a cheap rate? Yes, please!

Request a Recycle Bud

We have created a group page for you to be able to post a pick-up, choose who comes to your home, and communicate with them directly.


Want access to collect cans for cash?

Recycle Bud's has opened up their platform to anyone looking to collect cans for cash at a low rate of $4.22 per month. We don't make commission or charge any money you earn from turning in your recyclables for cash. See how you can make a difference and earn money at the same time!

Our efforts reduce plastic bag usage.

With every membership you receive 3 free burlap bags a year. These burlap bags are to be used for all of your recycling goods and given to the community member or professional in exchange for fresh ones.